Since decades, the Mauritian Diaspora extends, year after year, the Mauritian geographical territory.
Mauritians integrate new societies with respect and human values taught by their elders.
They grow and extend their roots, enrich their identity and that of others, and grow as they connect to others.
We belong to the world.
We are the world.
We are the children of an island which struggled for its independence and united its strength and diversity to build a nation.
A prosperous nation whose children are strong and efficient enough to discover the five continents where they bear testimony of a great Mauritian culture, our capacity to adapt and grow even in most hostile environments.
Like their ancestors who crossed the oceans by force or willingly.
They made a choice to discover, to travel, to realise their dreams…
By preciously keeping their Mauritian identity, their Mauritianship alive.
That’s the story of the 500,000 individual born in Mauritius or of Mauritian parents.
A tale still being written across cities and towns around the world…

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