The Portuguese navigator, Don Diego Rodriguez discovered the island in 1528.
When the French François Leguat landed in Rodrigues in 1693, the island was still called Diego Ruiz.
In his memoirs published in 1708, Leguat wrote that when he arrived, tortoises were lying like rocks on which one could walk across the whole island!
Rodrigues is an autonomous outer island of 108 km2 (42 square miles) about 560 km (350 miles) east of Mauritius.
It has a population of around 42 000.
Rodrigues is part of the Republic of Mauritius.
The Chief Commissioner is the head of the region of Rodrigues since it gained autonomy within the Republic of Mauritius on 12 October 2002. He is chosen from the party holding the majority of seats at the Regional Assembly.
All inhabitants are citizens of Mauritius.
It is of volcanic origin and is bordered by coral reefs.
The capital Port Mathurin is the main administrative area and is also the port which provides a maritime link with the mainland.
The airport at Plaine Corail brings visitors seeking a simple way to reconnect with themselves and Nature.
Its economy is based mainly on fishing, tourism, handicraft and farming.

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