The dainty fingers of Rodriguan artisans braid the pandanus (vacoa) leaves into unique pieces of art.
Enn fami enn tente vacoa – One Family one pandanus basket- can help preserve our ecological heritage and sustain our handicraft sector. No need to use plastic bags when you have a tente bazar Made in Mauritius and Rodrigues!
Baskets, fishing nets, lamps, mats, souvenirs which travel across oceans and continents.
Just like our mascot, the Dodo.
Let’s meet the Léopold Brothers who perpetuate a family tradition at La Palissade in Rodrigues.
A rustic workshop, where every single gesture exhales an ancestral knowhow, a mastered skill, precision, experience, aestheticism and professionalism.
The vacoa leaves are harvested during specific periods of the year to prevent depletion and to enable all craftsmen involved in this important sector of the Rodriguan economy to get sufficient raw material.
The braiding techniques are transmitted from generation to generation since decades.

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